2016 DR Power 16.96 Pro-XL, Tow-Behind


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DR Power
16.96 Pro-XL, Tow-Behind



The Pro-XL is our most powerful model, featuring a 16.96 ft-lbs (389 cc) OHV engine to provide extra torque for handling the heaviest lawn cleanup. The Pro-XL is designed for larger properties and has the easy-dumping clamshell design of its smaller brothers. Manual- and Electric-Start available.

  • Trailer Jack Stand - Heavy-duty Trailer Jack Stand, for moving the machine easily when not in use. Adapts to pin hitch heights of 8" to 15". Stand lifts out of the way during operation. 4" diameter wheel. Standard with the PRO and PRO-XL model and is an available option for the PREMIER.
  • Anti-Clog Design - The Leaf Vac is specifically designed to avoid clogs and keep collected materials flowing easily. The vacuum hose has an optimal 8" diameter – wide enough to allow debris to pass through without clogging, but narrow enough to maximize suction. And the entire top of the collector module is a mesh vent, allowing air to escape efficiently while keeping all debris contained.
  • Big Wheels...easy Rolling! - Our 14” diameter wheels are bigger than competitive products and create a smoother roll. On our larger PRO and PRO-XL models, dual-wheels come standard (no upcharge).
  • Electric Start Available - All models are available with electric-start (with manual recoil backup). The 9-amp battery recharges during use, for instant starts with the turn of a key.
  • Huge Capacity - The PRO and PRO-XL models will hold up to 43 cubic feet of shredded material (321 gallons). The PREMIER models hold up to 27 cubic feet (200 gallons). The high-speed impeller on the DR Leaf and Lawn Vac reduces the volume of leaves to a fraction of their original bulk. So you’ll be able to collect huge amounts of leaves and debris before you have to stop and unload.
  • Lifetime Steel Impeller
  • Modular Design
  • Protected by a 2-year Warranty - against defects in materials and workmanship (residential use).
  • Quick And Easy Storage - The modular design allows you to quickly break down and store the unit when not in use, taking up no more than a corner of your garage or shed. The collector comes off, without tools, in just a few seconds. Collapses for more compact storage in just a few minutes (also without tools). And the power unit can be separated from the cart bed by removing 2 bolts. The whole storage preparation takes just 5 minutes!
  • Roll-away Power Unit - To detach the engine (either to use the utility cart or to store your machine compactly for the off-season), simply remove two bolts and two pins, and the engine and vacuum unit can be rolled off on their own trolley. The unit is designed so you NEVER have to lift the engine!
  • Single-point Hitch - A single-point hitch offers the greatest maneuverability, especially when working in tight quarters and highly-landscaped yards. Dual-hitch models have huge turning radius requirements and force you into frequent backup situations to avoid side-swiping trees, buildings and other obstacles. Please note: based on customer feedback we no longer offer a dual-hitch option.
  • The Most Powerful Engines - Compare our line with the competition, top to bottom, and you’ll find our Overhead Valve engines have more torque (up to 16.96 ft-lbs) and more displacement (up to 389 cc)...and that means more power to get the job done!
  • Utility Cart - With the upper collector and power unit detached, the cart bed makes a great all-purpose utility trailer. Pin hitch it to your riding mower (or ATV) and use it for all kinds of landscaping and hauling chores. The larger bed on our Pro and Pro-XL models can handle loads up to 800 pounds. (The smaller bed on the Premier model has a 500 pound capacity).
  • Air Filter: Dual-Element
  • Cooling: Air Cooled
  • Cylinders: 1
  • Displacement: 389 cc
  • Fuel Capacity: 6.9 Qrt
  • Lubrication: Splash
  • Make: DR
  • Oil Capacity: 37.2 oz
  • Oil Type: SAE 30W HD
  • RPM: 3800
  • Torque: 16.96 Ft. Lbs.
  • Type: OHV
  • Tires: Size - 14" x 4.5" ; Number of Tires - 4 ; Tread - Sawtooth ; Dimension - 5.30/4.50-8 4 ply
  • Capacity: Hauling - 43 Cubic Feet
  • Dump angle: 60°
  • Height: 59"
  • Length: 88"
  • Shipping Weight: 425 lbs. Manual Start; 437 lbs. Electric Start
  • Towing Capacity: Single point, Riding Lawn Mower 14 hp Minimum
  • Weight Capacity: 800 lbs
  • Width: 50"
General Information
  • Hitch: Pin Hitch
  • Shaft: Engine Shaft Diameter - 1.38 inch
  • Shipping: 77.5"L x 49"W x 41"H
  • Standard: Fuel Shutoff Value, Engine Pre Cleaner
  • Warranty: (Machine) 2 yrs Residential Use/90 days Commercial ; (Engine) 2 yrs Residential Use/1 yr Commercial